Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am a Bonehead!

Okay so I finally posted for this bloghop I don't even have all of the particulars but it's understandable... in fact... it's great because this is a fresh bonehead experience for me!!!

Cherdo is having a bloghop.... called the "Bonehead Blog Hop," and right now that's  all I know. (Forgive me, Cherdo.)

You see I was out in the yard, gardening away. Having discovered that my flower bed at the studio window needed attention, I've been plugging away there since 7 a.m. this morning.

There was plenty of time to come on and respond to comments in a couple of hours. Right? But then I thought to grab a snack, and while munching, I'd have a peek at the old blog. EGAD!!!! It was lunch time and I hadn't even posted for the Bonehead Blog Hop!!!

I hadn't even remembered it. Oh wow, what a bonehead thing to do...

I promise to post all the linky credits and such next hopping time!!! Oh Cherdo, I'm so sorry.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Home ~ The Heart of My Reflection

A-Z  ~
Proved to be,
More than I could see.
I chose my home
To be a zone,
Where heart takes on ~
The world that's me.
*    *    *    *    *

In a place where I have been diligently working, I found my A-Z challenge theme. How much heart have I placed in this gift of inheritance from my parents? Practically every day, I am working on a list of projects to improve or enhance where my heart resides. I call it home.

What will I be taking with me, now that the challenge is over for this year? From my 'blog-home' I take lovely new friends, and many returned, cherished old ones. I take your lively, spontaneous interactions! Each comment was a tool for my home to flourish by. I thank you, (smile).

I take with me, new ideas to present a happier 'blog-home' for all to visit. Along with that I have gained new organizational methods. New thoughts on making time count by making each word count. So much more than this simple post reveals. And remember, I have been reading your A-Z posts too; each one had it's own charm, and tidbit of joy! I wish for all of you ~ inspiration, like you've given me, (smile)

Special thank you to Arlee Bird, and Alex J. Cavanaugh! This is a great thing you've got here! I hope everyone felt your presence, encouragement, and commitment as I did. 

In conclusion, I leave you with 26 links.

Dimmer Switch
Hedge Trimming
Nail gun
Open Plan
Shop Table
Tool Bag
Vents and Ventilation
Water Heater
X-Ray Wall Studs
Yard Art
Zip It

Friday, May 1, 2015

Celebrate ~ rest ~ block sale ~ a-z support

I love this blog hop!

We are celebrating those small achievements we've had for our week!  Sharing about health, wealth, writing, family, or school... you name it, and we'll celebrate with you!  We do this by hopping to each other's blogs, offering congratulations. And for those times you need encouragement, this is the best blog hop group ever!! We are empathy, en masse! Consider joining us by adding you name at Lexa Cain's blog site on the linky tool!! Come on ~ you know you want to, (smile).

For those who did the A-Z Challenge - yippee! For those who survived - could one of you make me a sandwich? My fingers are screaming at me.

I'm thanking Lexa Cain for keeping us straight - battling the scammers and such! There's no one quite like our 'Master of Ceremonies.' Lexa Cain's blog

And big cheers for the co-host who help us out!!
LG Keltner  (Did everyone catch her A-Z 'Z' day?? Wow!)
Katie@TheCyborgMom (I loved meeting 'Emmie' for the A-Z challenge!)

What am I celebrating?

1- Rest. I have two blog hops today, and some A-Z comments to catch up on. After that, I'm taking a long nap! (dc *needs* relief).

2- My blocks are on sale! I can do the backyard garden wall sooner than anticipated! Aren't these nice, and so cheap!!?!! (.78 cents each)(grin).

3- I am so grateful to everyone who could support my first time doing the A-Z Challenge. For those who normally keep up with this rambling blog, they were some changes made to simplify things. (Shh, never, ever tell.)

I hope everyone has a fun celebration day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zip It

Little bags store little things.
Makes you happy - makes you sing.
Time well spent to get this done,
Allows more time to have fun!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for Yard Art

Keep it easy,
Or make it hard?
Would you go sleazy?  
Your art ~ your yard?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for X-Ray Wall Studs

It's a sweet little tool ~
You hold it in your hand.
And the studs will all appear,
To construct that perfect plan.

Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Water Heater

Do you like cold showers?
Or boiling water for hours?
Here's a thought that's sweeter,
'Energy efficient water heater.'